We have some really good planning and writing tips for you and you can use that to get that A+. Keep reading and find out more about it!

Get A+ for your academic essays: planning & writing tips

We know that you may struggle with writing your academic essay. You have many assignments and obligations regarding college, so the time has come to work fast and write the paper. It can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to. You just have to know the right strategy that will help you to complete the essay quickly and without much effort. Also you can ask our writers to write my essay online without any efforts.

  • Make a schedule
  • The first thing you should do, is make a schedule. This can help you a lot. By making a schedule, you will be able to organize yourself. We are sure that you can find a few hours every day for the essay. Try to write it down on a paper or your phone. Stick to that schedule and you will avoid the stress and panic. The key to a successful grade is organization and preparation. It’s more important than you think.

  • Preparation
  • Now we come to the next step. Preparation is very important. What you want to do is to prepare yourself by choosing a place in your home, where you can really focus and work. Avoid your phone and TV, and start writing. You should choose some place where you feel comfortable. Even if you don’t feel like writing in your home, you can still go outside and find a calm place. It’s up to you so make sure to choose wisely.

  • Research
  • Let’s move on to the main thing. You have to start with research. Try to find as many information as you can. Make sure to search for information that is relevant to the topic. Avoid unreliable sources and explore more options. You can also visit the library and find some interesting data that you can use. It’s important to take notes while doing the research. Save the sources so you can use it while writing. Also, don’t forget that you will have to list those sources in the references. You should avoid plagiarism and don’t copy content from websites.

  • Outline
  • Make an outline and save some time this way. When you have a plan, it’s always easier. You can write about what you would like to include in the introduction, body and conclusion. When it comes to the introduction, you should have some points about what you want to say there. For example, write your thesis statement or some question you want to ask there. You can then move on to the body, where you will have several paragraphs. Set some points there too. List some ideas for every paragraph. And for the conclusion, try to decide what you want to put there. You can answer the question from the introduction or just state your opinion. The outline will help you a lot, because you can always look back to it and stay on track with your idea.


The draft is a good tool you can use for preparation for the final version. Just write the first draft and don’t think so much about grammar and spelling. Try to write it so you can have a picture of how the essay will look in the end. When you are finished, you can check it and see if you would like to add or remove something. This will help you to compose the final version without stress and struggle.